Michael Chapman on 'The Sopranos'

Michael Chapman - cinematographer of 'Taxi Driver' and Raging Bull' - in conversation with The Film Stage:

"Do you watch a lot of television, then?
I watch the Red Sox. But, no, I don’t. I watch a few things, but the last thing I watched passionately was The Sopranos, and that was some years ago. It seems, to me, that no one’s gotten to be as good as The Sopranos — so, until they do, why watch? I watch the Red Sox instead.
And The Sopranos was a beautiful-looking show.
Oh, it was beautiful in every way — not just 'looking.' In every possible way."

HPT Editor's Note:

Indeed, 'The Sopranos' was a beautiful show. Re: cinematography, Alik Sakharov helmed early episodes, and Phil Abraham eventually became DP (this explanation is somewhat simplified - and there were others too, of course.). Mr. Sakharov has continued to have a good career, as has Mr. Abraham. Mr. Abraham - one of this writer's favorite working filmmakers - DP'ed 'Mad Men' episodes and has directed for major shows, such as 'Daredevil.'

Check out this podcast via The ASC with Mr. Sakharov for an in-depth understanding of 'The Sopranos' from behind the lens.