'Westworld' fans, read 'Memento Mori' by Jonathan Nolan

If you're a fan of the layered storytelling of HBO's 'Westworld,' take a look at 'Memento Mori' - a short story by Jonathan Nolan, the show's co-creator.

Jonathan Nolan is the younger brother of famed director Christopher Nolan, and this short story inspired the latter's breakthrough film, 'Memento.' Jonathan's short story is definitely a worthwhile piece on its own merit (and different enough from the final film to enjoy as a stand-alone read). 

'Westworld' helps us ponder what it means to be human, as does this story. What is consciousness when your short-term memory only lasts 10 minutes?

"So the question is not 'to be or not to be,' because you aren't. The question is whether you want to do something about it."

Read the story over at Esquire.